42, Ovrazhnaya, Sokol, Vologda region, Russia


42, Ovrazhnaya, Sokol, Vologda region, Russia
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About the frame technology

“Turnkey” frame houses

Frame houses construction becomes more and more popular every year. This trend is explained by a number of reasons:

  • frame houses are quickly erected;
  • сthe cost of a frame house is lower than in other options for classic solid wood solutions of the same dimensions;
  • the frame is assembled from ready-made parts, which makes the construction process cheaper, simpler and faster;

We design and assemble frame houses with our many years of experience. Depending on your preferences you can choose any configuration of a frame house:

  1. Summer option with minimum thermal insulation - a decent option for summer house. No more experimental materials! You will get a quality and beautiful frame house for the summer season.
  2. The option of year-round for permanent residence. A frame house with efficient thermal insulation, in which you will be comfortable at any time of the year.

Characteristics of frame houses

If you want to buy an affordable wooden house, you should pay attention to frame houses. Prefabricated constructions have a number of advantages that can be crucial in choosing the material and construction technology:

  • Fast erection - up to 70 days. This speed of construction of frame houses is due to the fact that ready-made parts are delivered to the site. The lightness of the material also accelerates the assembly.
  • Inexpensive cost - from 250 thousand roubles. We use our own lumber and equipment, which significantly reduces the cost of construction.
  • Eco-friendliness of the house - natural materials create a healthy microclimate for all its residents.
  • Strength and durability. The way of assembling the slabs and beams in a strict order ensures the sustainability of the frame. Dried and treated materials keep the quality of the house up to 70 years and more, and non-combustible thermal insulation meets safety requirements.
  • The low weight of a frame house allows you to arrange a lightweight foundation, which further reduces costs.
  • Construction at any time of the year.
  • No shrinkage - no need to wait a year or more to move into your new house.

Complete catalog of frame houses

In our catalog you'll find a large selection of projects of one-storey and two-storey frame houses. You can buy a house of any design, additionally with an attic, a terrace, a garage or a balcony. We build houses in Leningrad, Vologda, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad and other regions of the Northwest Russia.

Let yourself a country house - choose the quality and affordable frame houses! Our managers will be happy to advise you.