42, Ovrazhnaya, Sokol, Vologda region, Russia


42, Ovrazhnaya, Sokol, Vologda region, Russia
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About the laminated timber technology

Houses made of laminated timber

Houses made of laminated timber are chosen by those who want to live in comfort. This type of housing will give its owners only the most pleasant emotions. Let's take a closer look at what other characteristics of laminated timber attract developers and owners of houses made of this material.


High speed of erection

Many professional developers (and we are) tend to agree that laminated timber is perfect for low-rise construction. One significant advantage is the lightweight foundation, which allows you to reduce construction time and save money. You can get a ready-made house of laminated timber in just 1 month! You won't have to wait for shrinkage to celebrate the housewarming party.

Ecological safety

There is always a comfortable microclimate in timber houses. Even in cold winter you will be warm and in summer you will be cool. Ecological material preserves the special environment and comfort of your home.

Design variety

And you can choose the exterior of the house according to your taste: The material is appropriate for both large-scale and small projects. Even on a small site you can create a comfortable house for you and your family. Laminated timber lets you implement even challenging and ambitious architectural solutions.

It is obvious that laminated timber houses are a feasible solution for everyone. With us you can check out the standard projects that will help you decide on your future house. Our designers are ready to calculate a custom project that will suit you in all parameters.

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