42, Ovrazhnaya, Sokol, Vologda region, Russia


42, Ovrazhnaya, Sokol, Vologda region, Russia
+7 921 820-70-01; +7 931 503-81-01


DSK TVOY DOM LLC carries out construction of frame houses on a turnkey basis in all regions of Russia. We offer you frame houses of different sizes, floors, types (for seasonal and permanent residence)

Frame houses are one of the most popular types of housing throughout the world. The frame consists of pillars with three layers of insulation (150-200 mm) is laid inside, wrapped with a special technological membrane that allows moisture in, and the outside of the structure is covered with wooden linings or siding. Such a combination gives high strength and thermal conductivity

Also our company DSK TVOY DOM LLC is a manufacturer of glued laminated timber and has its own production line.

Glued beam is a high-tech modern lumber, consisting of glued laminated boards (lamellae) and after forming is a stable wooden beam with improved functional properties. This manufacturing technology allows us to preserve all the positive qualities of wood while minimizing the disadvantages such as cracking and deformation. We produce glued laminated beams from high-quality wood - northern spruce and pine, growing in the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions.

Our company is not only producing lumber, but also building houses of glued laminated timber. Therefore we produce glued laminated timber with adjusted dimensions to a designed project and additionally cut out all the constructive joints for the house erection. Each product has its own place in the project and marked according to the flowchart of the future home. In other words, we make a construction set, which subsequently according to the instructions is assembled into a ready-made house.

Glued laminated timber (support) is a high-quality construction material made from coniferous wood. In the production of glulam beams as the basis are taken boards that are processed in the drying chambers in a special way. Then planed on all sides and glued in a powerful hydraulic press. The main advantage is its resistance to changes in environmental humidity


- own production facilities;

- vast experience in working with large amounts of products;

- sales of construction materials and sawn timber in according to the specification;

- the most favorable delivery conditions;

- Quick fulfillment of orders.

We produce:

- Floorboards;

- Eurolinings;

- Wooden lining “Classic”;

- Wooden lining "Stihl";

- Wooden siding (blockhouse);

- Calibrated board;

- Wooden lining (profiled timber imitation);

- Planed glued laminated timber up to 12 meters long.

Address: 42, Ovrazhnaya, Sokol, Vologda region

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